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       A window fan provides adequate ventilation if the bathroom has a window. If not, Tub Renew uses a professional-grade ventilation system with duct work that can direct air flow away from the work area and out the nearest window or door.

    Tub Renew also uses a coating which is free of isocyanates, making it a safer process for both the technician and those who live in the house.  Tub Renew places the highest priority on safety and employs best practices as currently recognized by the industry.

    That being said, the chemical composition of the coating must be respected, and it will give off a solvent-like odor during application and for a short time after. In most cases the impact on residents is less than they had expected.

    In some cases where individual chemical sensitivities are involved, it may be appropriate to make arrangements to stay with family or friends while the tub is being refinished. Most people stay in the house while the job is being done and have no problems.


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   Tub Renew is an owner-operated Louisville business specializing in the repair and refinishing of ceramic bathtubs and tile, as well as fiberglass tubs & surrounds.

  During the six years before the company was formed, the owner of Tub Renew prepped and resurfaced tubs and tile as a contractor for Surface Restoration. During that time we provided services for residential homeowners as well a number of hotels and rental properties, including Courtyard Louisville Downtown, Hampton Inn Elizabethtown and others. We also participated in the renovation of the Plainview Apartments for NTS Development. Tub Renew, LLC was formed in October, 2013 as a means of expanding into the residential market while continuing to collaborate with Surface Restoration on commercial projects.

     Tub Renew offers a high quality yet affordable option to more costly solutions for worn out or damaged bathtubs and tile. Refinishing (also known as resurfacing or reglazing) is a specialty requiring a degree of craftsmanship that can only be acquired through a long period of training and practice. We have successfully resurfaced hundreds of tub and tile units.

    With attention to detail, Tub Renew makes a significant time investment preparing the old surface prior to applying the new coating. This along with the special adhesive assures maximum bonding of the new surface. We use a premium catalyzed acrylic urethane coating, which renders a high-gloss surface that is easy to maintain. The work is done on site, in your home or rental property, and is backed by a full warranty.

    An additional consideration is the fact that Tub Renew is a sole proprietorship, which means that the owner is also the technician who does the work. With the company's good name on the line, this creates maximum incentive for the job to be done to the highest standards.


     As the homeowner, you alone can decide whether your tub or tile should be refinished. An old tub can accumulate scratches and chips over time. Years of use, damage from leaky fixtures, cleaning with abrasive agents and other factors can cause the porcelain to erode.  This creates a porous surface that holds dirt and stains and makes the tub increasingly difficult to clean. The porcelain layer might even wear away completely, exposing the cast iron subsurface. Tub Renew can repair minor chips and scratches and apply a high-gloss catalyzed polyurethane coating that is easy to clean and backed by a full warranty. This process can also be used if you simply want to change the color of your tub and/or tile.

   The process begins with a thorough preparation of the surface.  Old caulk, dirt and debris are removed.  The tub is then cleaned with an acid-based industrial cleaner, which also provides a mild etch to the porcelain creating a surface that will bond better with the new coating. Fiberglass tubs and surrounds are wet sanded during the cleaning phase.

    Chips and scratches are repaired with a two-part filler. A final cleaning with a mild solvent follows this step, after which a special adhesive is applied. Then multiple coats of catalyzed acrylic urethane are applied. After the job has had enough time to set, the tub is caulked.

    There is a short video on the home page of this web site that shows the steps in the refinishing process.



    The new surface should be ready for use 24 hours after the job is completed. In some cases we may decide to wait 24 hours from the morning after the job is done. The technician will let you know when we discuss the care instructions.

   Yes. References are available upon request. In addition, Tub Renew is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. You can view the company's profile at

   In most cases the best option is to refinish the entire tub.  This assures uniform color and surface integrity. However, depending on the location and size of the damaged area, there are situations where a patch is a viable option.

    Please be mindful of the fact that if we decide to patch rather than refinish the entire tub, matching the color of the tub with the new coating can be a time-consuming and inexact process, even if the tub is white. That is a primary reason why most times the best option is to refinish the whole tub.


   Care Instructions are provided in writing, and the technician will go over them in detail upon completion of the job and answer any questions.


  Yes. Homeowners who live in the house where the tub is refinished receive a 5-year full warranty. This means that Tub Renew will fix free of charge any problems with lifting, surface irregularity, or failure of the new surface to adhere to the tub or tile walls. The warranty can be transferred one time and will be honored for 1 year after a new owner has taken possession of the property, as long as the original 5-year warranty has not been exceeded. The warranty for rental property is 1 year.

    Please note that failure to follow the Care Instructions will void the warranty, and there will be a fee assessed for repairs if the Care Instructions were not followed.

   The new surface is no more or less slick than the surface of a new bathtub, which means that it will probably be slicker than the old surface of your tub. Tub Renew can refinish your tub with a regular (smooth) or slip resistant finish.  There is no additional charge for slip resistance.

    If you opt for slip resistance, a mixture of resin, catalyst, and finely ground polyester beads will be applied to the floor of the tub prior to refinishing. The result is a textured feel to the floor that makes slipping less likely to occur. The technician carries samples of regular and slip resistant finishes that you can examine and use to decide if you want a slip resistant or regular finish.



   Tub Renew accepts payment in check, money order or cash. Please make checks payable to “Tub Renew, LLC.” Tub Renew does not accept credit or debit cards at this time.



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